Project Manager – Government Network (Last Mile solutions)




The Government of Uganda has secured funding from the International Development Association (IDA) to finance various activities under the Regional Communications Infrastructure Program (RCIP).


The main goal of RCIP Uganda is to transform public services using ICT to improve efficiency by

(i) enabling greater access to broadband Internet through lowering prices for international capacity and extending the geographic reach of broadband networks, and

(ii) improving Government productivity through greater use of e-services.


The RCIP Uganda project complements existing country ICT and e-government Infrastructure initiatives by helping boost the already existing e-government infrastructure and bridge the financing and technical gaps. The project is being implemented by the National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U).  


A major goal of the RCIP Uganda project is to expand connectivity to regions of the country that are currently not served by the National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) and to enable service units (e.g., districts, schools, hospitals) to obtain access to and use the government network at rates that are affordable.


This will involve additional infrastructure investments while at the same time paying particularly attention to issues of quality, reliability and affordability of the infrastructure.


This effort will build on the national fibre optic backbone network, the NBI, which was set up by the government in recent years. The government expects that the extension of NBI will help to boost the use of ICTs in all units that will have access to it, and in turn lead to efficiency improvements in operations.


The implementation of last mile solutions is part of the Government plan under the connectivity programme. It will entail connecting end-users to the NBI to enable access to high quality, low cost bandwidth. Major activities will include the design of Government network (last mile), extension of the Government network (GovNet) and providing broadband connectivity to MDAs, LGs, schools, hospitals, universities, research institutions & NGOs.


NITA-U will procure a supplier to implement last mile solutions separately. NITA-U now wishes to recruit a consultant as Project Manager, to lead the implementation of last mile solutions and to supervise suppliers and consultants associated with this project.


Selection of the consultant will be conducted in accordance with the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers, dated January 2011 (revised July 2014).


2.Objective of the Assignment


The objective of this assignment is to coordinate the implementation of the government network – last mile solutions in designated locations across the country and to ensure they are operational.  



The Project Manager will have a dual reporting role; administratively to the Programme Coordinator, RCIP and functionally to the Component Manager for Connectivity under RCIP.  


4.Responsibilities of the Consultant


The duties and functions of the Project Manager will include, but not limited to:

a.Working with Government network project team, project teams for other sub-components under the Connectivity program, develop a detailed project plan consistent the RCIP master plan and with appropriate linkages with other component project plans as necessary. The project plan should clearly allocate resource (budget / human, or otherwise) needed for its delivery 

b.Assess and document stakeholders and design and implement an engagement plan necessary to ensure support necessary to the project is received from them. 

c.Lead and ensure timely execution of the project plan developed above within scope and approved resources (budget)  

d.Asses, profile risks associated with the project, and develop and ensure the implementation of a risk management plan on all aspects and for the duration of the project   

e.Manage vendor contracts ensuring (i) the contractors meet their obligations to deliver timely agreed outputs of the government network (last mile solutions) project, (ii) such outputs meet the specifications and standards as agreed within the contract, (iii) the contractors do not contravene any legal, social or environmental safeguards expected of the project, and (iv) records relating to the contracts are kept securely in the execution of such contracts

f.Coordinate with project managers or teams implementing other sub-components to assure compatibilities across components and ensure harmony and synergy in the delivery of the Connectivity program

g.Ensure completeness of all project and system documentation - specifications test plans, executed test protocols and all related documentation that is necessary to demonstrate implementation. Activities of the project will be documented using applicable standards, methods and tools; 

h.Ensure that all project documentations are securely kept and available.

i.Ensure proper plan and arrangements are put in place for operationalisation and sustainability of the last mile infrastructure. This includes identifying and working with NITA-U to ensure appropriate staff and funding is put in place to manage and sustain the last mile solutions after the RCIP Uganda project is closed

j.Coordinate actively with the Programme Coordinator / RCIP the implementation of the Government network (last mile solutions) project.




The main deliverable of the Project Manager will be fully installed and operational last mile solutions in designated areas. In addition, the Project Manager shall deliver the following:


a.A detailed project plan consistent with the RCIP master plan.

b.Stakeholders engagement plan

c.Project Risk management plan 

d.Monthly report on the implementation of the project plan covering

•The status of Government network (last mile solutions) project implementation.

•Resource requirements, budgets, targets and milestones accomplishments and deviation status.

•List of prioritized issues to be resolved showing who is responsible for addressing those issues. 

e.Regular (monthly) reports for each of the contracts under their  supervision 

f.Depository of all records related to the Project

g.Sustainability plan for the Government network (last mile solutions) project 

h.Assignment Completion report on completion of the contract.


6.Qualifications and Experience


Educational Qualifications:


i)Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Business Administration or other related field. 

ii)Post Graduate qualifications in project management or professional certifications in project management such as Prince2, PMP will be an added advantage.

iii)Professional/ Industry IT Certification such as ITIL, CCNA, CCNP, MCSA, MCSE, OCA, or OCP will be an advantage.


Relevant Experience:


i)A demonstrated track record of at least five (5) years of IT experience, 3 of which should have been in busy environments or large infrastructure projects with experience in the design, development, and testing and roll out of complex infrastructure projects.

ii)Must have experience in the implementation of large high value connectivity projects. Specific experience in last mile solutions will be an added advantage. 

iii)Proven track record and strong IT Project Management experience and skills; and Good understanding of standard IT Change Management process. 


7.Other Required Skills and Competences 


i)Communications: Very good communication skills (spoken and written), including the ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences on environmental related matters, good negotiation skills and to prepare a variety of written documents, contracts, reports, etc. in a clear, concise style. 

ii)Teamwork: Very good interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with people in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

iii)Integrity: Must be a person of proven honesty and does not tolerate corruption and unethical behaviours in all its forms and manifestations.

iv)Innovation: Must be a person with ability to seek new ways of doing things efficiently to deliver value to our customers. 

v)Customer Centricity: Must be a person who strives to satisfy customers and clients. Should be able to understand what the customer wants and delivering it flawlessly.

vi)Quality: Must be a person who thinks of quality and continuous improvement in his/her work. 


8.Duration of Assignment


The assignment shall be for a period of 24 months, renewable subject to business needs and satisfactory performance.


9.Application procedure:


Interested applicants who meet the job requirements and qualifications and with the right personal attributes are invited to complete and submit their application form (Click to download the NITA-U Application Form) with a cover letter, supported by curriculum vitae, copies of certificates and testimonials, and must specify day time telephone contact, postal and email addresses of both the applicant and three referees to the address below.


The Executive Director,

National Information Technology Authority – UGANDA (NITA-U),

Palm Courts, Plot 7A, Rotary Avenue (former Lugogo bypass)

P.O. Box 33151, Kampala-Uganda

Tel: 0417 801 038

Or via email: (application shouldn’t be more than 10MB)


Applicants must also submit with their application verifiable evidence supporting previous relevant appointments such as reference letters or appointment letters. The deadline for applications is 16th June  2017 (not later than 17.00 hrs. local time). No application will be accepted without a duly completed and signed standard application form (referred to above) and copies of academic documents. All hand delivered applications MUST be stapled.




Only successful candidates will be contacted. 

Any form of solicitation, influence peddling and or any other “backdoor” attempt, of whatsoever nature, to influence the selection process in one’s favour, will automatically lead to disqualification of a candidate without any recourse.