Wednesday, January 11, 2017


National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U) held an awareness creation workshop on IT Certification for a cross-section of companies that provide Information Technology products, services and training in Uganda.


The workshop aimed at orienting Providers of IT Products and Service on the procedures and requirements for Certification by NITA-U.


IT Certification is an initiative of the Government of Uganda through NITA-U that seeks to register, authenticate, and attest/certify all providers of IT Products, Services, and IT Training so as to ensure conformity to minimum standards.


This will result in promotion of orderly and systematic development of the IT Sector, consumption and export of locally produced IT products as well as protecting rights of IT consumers.


In attendance, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, Mr. Vincent Bagiire shared a brief history of Uganda’s journey on consumption of IT products and services.


He noted that in the early 1990s, the Government and big private sector players opted to directly procure IT products and services from international companies as there were hardly any reputable domestic companies from which to procure these IT products or services.

 Multi-national companies were also hesitant to partner with indigenous companies as the latter did not follow any quality standards.


Mr. Bagiire noted that the growth in a critical mass of people accessing and using ICTs in Uganda has created a need to direct attention towards ensuring quality standards, compliance, consumer protection, and local content development through IT Certification.


This would further enhance the operational efficiency, productivity and performance of the sector and its players.


He concluded by pledging Government support towards ensuring a conducive business environment for the private sector and encouraged ICT service providers to harness the many benefits of certification such as regional and international competitiveness, enhanced efficiency, and ease of doing business with Government as only companies certified by NITA-U shall be eligible to provide IT products and services to Government.


At the same workshop, Dr. Fredrick Kitoogo, the NITA-U Director, Planning Research and Development took the participants through an overview of IT Certification Initiative giving specific highlight to the definition, scope and rationale behind the Initiative.


He emphasized the benefits that will accrue to the different stakeholders in the IT Certification





For providers of IT products and services, IT Certification shall provide the following:


a) objective proof that they have the relevant competences and comply with best practice

b) guide effective decision making and risk management

c)create competitive advantage and facilitate access to market

d)guide adoption of an integrated process to delivery of IT Services and Products

e)nurture Professionalism and enforcement of a code of conduct for IT Personnel


For organizations providing IT services:


a)improve the Companies’ corporate image and credibility

b)promote Innovation through improvement of IT solutions developed locally to international standards


For Government, IT Certification shall:

a)impact improvements in service delivery sectors such as Agriculture, Health, and Education

b)promote local content through consumption of locally produced IT products and services

c)provide a clear mechanism of enforcement of laws, regulations, policies and standards applicable to IT industry


To the public and consumers, IT Certification shall ensure:

a)improved consumer protection;

b)increased consumer satisfaction; and reduced cost of acquisition IT products and services as locally developed IT solutions shall conform to international standards and best practices.


The workshop was officially closed by Ms. Stella Alibateese, the Director Regulation and Legal Services at NITA-U who thanked the stakeholders for honoring NITA-U’s invitation and endeavoring to be compliant with the regulations.


She further urged them to encourage the rest of IT professionals and service providers to embrace the IT Certification initiative and work together towards improving the IT industry.


Please note that the Certification portal is now open for applications.


Visit for more detailed information on the Certification process.