Directorate of Finance & Administration

To provide administrative and technical support to the Authority to optimally plan, generate, manage, deploy and account for all financial and other resources in the delivery of its mandate.

Departments in Directorate of Finance & Administration
•    Financial Management and Accounting
•    Procurement and Disposal Management
•    Facilities Management and Administration Services
•    Human Resources Management
•    Customer Services and Marketing


 Functions of the Directorate


a.    Develop and implement an effective Financial Management & Accounting Systems, Policies and Procedures for optimal sourcing and application of public Resources;

b.    Provide strategic oversight in ensuring Economy & Value for Money in sourcing, acquisition and provision of goods, services and works to facilitate delivery of NITA-U Strategic Objectives

c.    Provide an effective & efficient administrative, logistics and facilities support systems and facilities to enhance conducive and healthy working environment for NITA-U personnel;

d.    Provide support for establishment of an open, innovative and learning organization staffed with highly skilled, competent, motivated, well cultured and healthy workforce;

e.    Provide professional services for development and provision of responsive IT products/services to enhance customers’ satisfaction and sustainable revenue growth.