Directorate of Planning, Research & Development

The Directorate oversees and provides leadership in development planning, monitoring & evaluation, research and innovation, standards and architecture, capacity building and Program management for Information Technology (IT) development in the country.



  1. To support the development, monitoring and evaluation of the National IT Strategies, Plans, Policies, Programmes and Initiatives in line with the NITA-U mandate.
  2. To lead change and provide a comprehensive approach in the development and implementation of the IT strategic research & Innovation agenda for the public sector in line with the NITA-U mandate and communicating corporate messages from agenda setting through impact assessment.
  3. To formulate, enforce and monitor the implementation of national architecture blueprints, standards, certification and provide guidance for quality IT services including risk management & contingency planning.
  4. To create, implement and maintain an IT capacity building, training and awareness framework, Policy and Strategy in line with the NITA-U mandate.
  5. To build and maintain a framework, model and process to provide centralized and coordinated support to Programme Management of all IT Projects across the Public Sector in line with the NITA-U mandate.



  •     Planning;
  •     Research & Innovation;
  •     Standards, Architecture & Certification;
  •     Programme Management;
  •     Capacity Building and Skills Development.



  1. Ensure that mechanisms are in place to enhance NITA-U’s contribution towards coordinated and harmonised evidence-based planning for Information Technology (IT) development. This entails active participation in development and implementation of sectorial, subnational and national IT strategies, plans, policies and action plans.
  2. Ensure that systems are in place to monitor, evaluate and report performance of IT initiatives in the country.
  3. Ensure that regular surveys are conducted to inform evidence-based decision making for IT development in the country.
  4. Ensure that IT standards are developed, issued and implemented to enhance quality of service  and products.
  5. Ensure that a robust Certification and Accreditation Framework is in place to help in standardisation of IT Products, Professionals and Service Delivery Points.
  6. Ensure that uniform project management methodology is developed and enforced for  enhance efficacy and efficiency in implementation and management of IT projects in the country.
  7. Ensure that a national research and innovation system has been developed and implemented for  promoting national Information Technology (IT) research – this entails a National Research & Innovation Master plan, a  national Research Fund and other initiatives targeted towards promotion of national IT research and innovation such as ICT parks.
  8. Ensure a coordinated and harmonised national IT capacity development – both human and physical capacity.  This entails carrying of a National Capacity Building Needs Assessment (CBNA) and implementation of a National Capacity Building Action plan (CBAP).