Directorate of Regulation & Legal Services

i)    Provide an enabling regulatory environment for the achievement of NITA’s mandate and the implementation of the cyber laws and other related laws;
ii)    Ensure the compliance and enforcement of the cyber laws, NITA Act, regulations and other related legislation. The cyber laws include The Electronic Transactions Act 2011, The Electronic Signatures Act , 2011 and the Computer Misuse Act 2011;
iii)   Protect and promote the interest of consumers or users of Information Technology services or solutions;
iv)    Arbitrate disputes between arising between suppliers of Information Technology solutions and consumers;
v)    Provide legal services to NITA-U;
vi)   Provide corporate secretarial services to NITA-U;
vii)  Ensure compliance with all laws, procedures and policies.

•    Department of Legal Services.
•    Department of Regulation and Compliance and
•    Department of Litigation and Enforcement.


i)    Provision of legal advice to the Authority;
ii)    Contract Development;
iii)    Provision of Corporate secretarial services;
iv)    Ensure compliance with all applicable laws, and  policies;
v)    Monitoring and Advising Management on changes in legislation and how they affect NITA-U

i)    Develop legislation, policies for the effective regulation of  the IT sector and other areas within the NITA Act.
ii)    Implementation of cyber laws and NITA-U Act.
iii)    Licensing.
iv)    Ensure the protection  and promotion of the interest  of consumers or users of information technology services or  solutions.
v)    Supervise and provide guidance on the arbitration of disputes  emanating from the implementation of cyber laws and the NITA-U Act.
vi)    Monitor compliance with the regulatory requirements under the cyber laws and government policies on IT. 
vii)    Capacity Building. 

i)    Provide advice to NITA on all matters of litigation;
ii)    Represent NITA in court ,supervise and provide guidance on the arbitration of disputes Implementation of cyber laws and NITA U Act;
iii)    Supervise external counsel offering litigation services to the Authority;
iv)    Develop and implement the enforcement framework for non- compliant entities;
v)    Review and update the Authority on changes in the regulatory regime.