Executive Director’s Office

The Executive Director is the Accounting Officer of the Authority, and is responsible for:


  1. The management and operations of the Authority.
  2. The management of the funds, property and business of the Authority.
  3. The administration, organization and promotion of the work/mandate of the Authority.
  4. The promotion, training and disciplining of the officers and staff of the Authority in accordance with their terms and conditions of appointment.


In addition, the Executive Director is the Secretary to the Board.




Internal Audit
Supports members of the Authority board and management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities by furnishing them with objective analysis, appraisals, recommendations, and

pertinent comments concerning the activities reviewed.


Strategy and Business Performance Monitoring
Provides technical support for the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies for NITA-U growth/business development and exploitation of new business opportunities.


Corporate Communications
Spearheads the effective development and coordination of all matters pertaining to corporate communication, public relations, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management and dissemination of strategic, operational information within and outside the Authority.