Integration of Information Systems and Shared Services in Government.

Monday, March 20, 2017


NITA-U held the first meeting with heads of Ministries Departments and Agencies(MDAs) to discuss the integration of information systems in Government.


The Government of Uganda has made a commendable effort in ensuring automation of service delivery for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).


The subsequent evolution in ICT has resulted into the development information systems by

several MDAs to support provision of e-services to the public.




These systems have proceeded to demonstrate great value in public service delivery for example, the E-tax system developed by Uganda Revenue Authority and E-Citie system developed by Kampala Capital City Authority.


Both systems have automated collective citizen issues faced in applying for Government services, tracking and making payments which has in turn increased revenue collection and improved public service delivery.  




However, MDA systems still operate in silos with limited data sharing and as such, causes a hindrance to Government in realizing the full potential of ICT in the social and economic transformation of the country.  



The Ministry of ICT through NITA-U has received funding to integrate all MDA systems so that data can seamlessly be shared across Government systems in a rational, secure, efficient and sustainable manner. 


NITA-U’s overall strategic objective of integration information systems across all MDAs/LGs is to improve service delivery to citizens as well as reporting, planning and decision making in Government. 


Speaking at the meeting, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Permanent Secretary; Vincent Bagiire said that System Integration will bring about a unified way of sharing information that

will ease business operations in Uganda and improve Government service delivery to citizen.



He also emphasised the need for development and use of home grown IT solutions in Uganda once integration and sharing of services is realised.


NITA-U Executive Director James Saaka called on all Government MDAs to ensure full participation when called upon for successful implementation of system integration and seamless data sharing.


“Service delivery will be greatly improved through the sharing of information across Government agencies for fast and effective decision making” he said. 


Life will be made easier for citizens and businesses by taking Government services online so that they can be accessed without queuing at public offices.


This will eliminate wastage of public resources arising from duplication of IT systems and infrastructure by MDAs.


National Databank regulations were developed and put in place to support IT integration in Government through a Legal and regulation Framework.


NITA-U Director for Regulation and Legal Services Stella Alibateese explained the types and classification of data to participants and emphasised the security measures that have been put in place to ensure proper collection, storage and dissemination of data.


NITA-U is committed to delivering on the mandate of transforming Uganda into a knowledge-based economy.