Market-led User-Owned ICT4AG -Enabled Information Service Project (MUIIS)

Friday, March 10, 2017

NITA-U supported  the launch of the MUIIS project, a satellite based, information and communication technologies for agriculture (ICT4Ag) service initiative.


MUIIS  aims at addressing the current agricultural information gap by building a sustainable business model that will make markets viable and accessible for farmers in Uganda.


It delivers timely bundled service with products ranging from accurate weather information,agricultural tips (trend analysis comprising of soil analysis, water efficiency, market information,etc.) and index-based drought insurance to empower farmers to make informed decisions. 


It will provide data and information products and services to farmers that will aid them in making evidence based decisions to enhance productivity through a One-Stop-Solution


The launch was attended by various partners including the Ugandan National Farmers Federation (UNFFE), the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) Ministry of Agriculture and development partners.


Speaking at the event e-Government Services Director Peter Kahiigi pledged Government support and guidance to institutions like MUIIS to ensure innovative partnerships which are key to sustainable agricultural development through ICT.


The Director for Crop Resources at the Ministry of Agriculture Dr Okaasi said that Government is looking at maximizing ICT solutions to improve services to farmers in Uganda.




The overall aim of the MUIIS project is to improve food security in Uganda by providing satellite data information packages to farmers.


The purpose of the initiative is to establish a demand-driven, market-led, and user-owned approach to provision of satellite based information services related to weather forecasting, crop management and index-based insurance to crop farmers in Uganda.


The goal of the MUIIS project is to contribute to improved food security and increased resilience to climate variabilities of over 350,000 maize, soya bean and sesame farmers in Uganda through satellite data-based information products and services.


MUIIS Service Bundle

MUIIS will bundle up 4 products into one service to farmers at a cost of 14,000/= per season with a sum insured of 299,000/= in case of drought . 


To access these services farmers must be profiled and once profiled, dial short code *270 * 67# to access the platform on any type of phone.


The MUIIS service bundle will include;


•• Agronomic tips (including trend analysis and market price)

•• Weather information

•• Index-based drought insurance


The project is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) through the G4AW Facility of Netherlands Space Office (NSO) and is being implemented by The Technical center for Agricultural and Rural CTA) with 6 other partners.