National Information Security Advisory Group (NISAG) Inauguration Ceremony

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ministry of ICT through NITA-U is spearheading the process of constituting the National Information Security Advisory Group (NISAG) to provide complimentary advisory services to Government of Uganda (GoU) on Information Security.


The Inauguration Ceremony  of the NISAG was held on 30th October 2014 at Statistics House and was officiated over by Hon. Nyombi Thembo, Minister of State of ICT.


The NISAG is a fusion of the public and private sector experts in Information Security whose role is to advise the Government on current threats and threat sources in Uganda’s cyberspace so that they can be addressed appropriately. The membership comprises of the banking, telecommunications, energy, utility, military, and Government sectors.


As Uganda increases her reliance on information systems to deliver services to her citizens and to improve internal efficiency there is a need to ensure that the systems on which citizens depend for economic stability and national security are not compromised.


The Government of Uganda is committed to reinforcing safety and security of information systems on which the country depends.


Through NITA-U, the Ministry of ICT developed a National Information Security Framework (NISF) to help secure information and information systems on which we depend as a Country for economic development and national security. The Security Framework is to serve as a conceptual structure for guiding information security activities in Uganda and as such shall present a common approach for addressing information security issues both within and outside the Government of Uganda (GoU).