NITA-U holds Dialogue with leading Private Sector Players on Systems Integration

Friday, June 30, 2017


NITA-U has held yet another engagement on Systems Integration, meeting with leading Private Sector players in Uganda.  The breakfast meeting that took place at the Serena Kampala Hotel was fully attended by representatives from Banks, Telecoms and other private entities. 




Government of Uganda has made a commendable effort in ensuring automation of service delivery for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). The subsequent evolution in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) has resulted into the development of information systems by several Government entities to ease the provision of services to the public. 



However, majority of these systems still operate in silos which results to inadequate data sharing, limited interoperability and duplication of resources within both the public and private sector. This causes a hindrance in realizing the full potential of ICT in the social and economic transformation of the country. 



In that regard, the Government of Uganda (GoU) through NITA-U seeks to integrate all information systems in Government so that data can seamlessly be shared between the systems in a rational, secure, efficient and sustainable manner to enhance public service delivery.


Speaking at the meeting, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Permanent Secretary; Vincent Bagiire said that the Government has invested and put in place the right infrastructure that will enhance integration of systems.


“With the implementation of Systems Integration security and safeguard of sensitive data is crucial “he added.


NITA-U has National Databank regulations in place to support IT integration in Government through a Legal and regulation Framework. Security measures have been put in place to ensure proper collection, storage and dissemination of data.


Integration will enable faster and cheaper implementation of e-Government services resulting from not having to duplicate infrastructure at individual Government units (ministries, agencies, local governments) by providing a shared platform for hosting such services which will cover data integration facilities, common infrastructure (data centre, storage and communication infrastructure) and security for IT systems. 


Integration will also improve transparency and efficiency of government procedures and practices through greater use of e-Government services which will enhance the ability of government units to service citizens better and provide greater and timely access to public services and information among others.



Speaking at the engagement, NITA-U Executive Director James Saaka said ‘Life will be made easier for citizens and businesses when they can access Government services online without queuing at public offices.’ ‘Citizens will be able to access public services at their convenience without having to make long queues and share the same information to multiple Government agencies.’