NITA-U meets with ICT Chief Information Officers to plan for Systems Integration

Monday, June 19, 2017


NITA-U held a consultative meeting with ICT Chief Information Officers to plan and discuss Systems Integration. This is another of many planned engagements with key stakeholders as

NITA embarks on the journey to integrate all IT Systems.



Under the Regional Communication Infrastructure Program (RCIP), NITA seeks to integrate all information systems in Government so that data can seamlessly be shared between the systems in a rational, secure, efficient and sustainable manner to enhance public service




NITA-U further recognizes the critical role that the Information, Communication and Technology members have to play in systems integration and found it crucial to involve and consult members right from the planning stage.



Speaking at the meeting, Ministry of ICT and National Guidance Permanent Secretary; Vincent Bagiire said that System Integration will bring about a unified way of sharing information that will ease business operations in Uganda and improve Government service delivery to citizen.


‘Every IT personnel has a role to play in this journey of integration’ he said, mentioning that all Government IT Officers are now under the supervision of the Ministry of ICT & National Guidance.


NITA-U Executive Director James Saaka called on all IT Officers to ensure full participation when called upon for successful implementation of system integration and seamless data sharing.


 “Service delivery will be greatly improved through the sharing of information across Government agencies for fast and effective decision making” he said. 


Life will be made easier for citizens and businesses by taking Government services online so that they can be accessed without queuing at public offices.


‘This will eliminate wastage of public resources arising from duplication of IT systems and infrastructure by MDAs’ he added.


With the implementation of Systems Integration security and safeguard of sensitive data is crucial. NITA-U has National Databank regulations in place to support IT integration in Government through a Legal and regulation Framework. Security measures have been put in place to ensure proper collection, storage and dissemination of data.


CIO members shared their invaluable views and input to the discussion that will be put into consideration for successful implementation of integration.


View short video clip about  Systems Integration.