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N7 Approval Process

Step 1: Download the N7 Form from the NITA-U website, attach all required documentation and obtain approval from the Accounting Officer.

The following information is mandatory (Application will not be processed without these:

a.    Details about the Requesting Entity.

b.    Contact Person (Must be from the ICT Department) and his/details

c.    Details and Justification of the ICT Request.

d.    The cost of the Procurement

e.    Detailed Terms of Reference

f.     Detailed Specifications

g.    Business Processes/Business Requirements (for System Acquisitions)

h.    Accounting Officer’s Signature

 Step 2: Submit the completed form to NITA-U either in soft or hard copy. The hard copy may be submitted to the Executive Director and the soft copy submitted via E-Mail to

Step 3: NITA-U will contact the requesting MDA/LG as per the contact details in N7 form for further discussions (if necessary). Once the details on the form have been verified by both parties, an assessment will be carried out and feedback will be provided within the subsequent seven (7) working days.

Step 4: The requesting MDA/LG is required to submit a copy of the final bid document or technical specifications to be utilized during the procurement. This should be submitted prior to contract signing.

Step 5: The regulation and compliance team at NITA-U will carry out compliance assessments in line with the Authority’s internal procedures.