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IT Advisory Services

NITA-U provides technical support and advice for critical Government Information Technology systems which includes services such as those listed below;      

  1. Project management
  2. Concept development
  3. Business analysis     
  4. System analysis 
  5. Process re-engineering and automation
  6. Advising on the utilisation of the resources and infrastructure for centralised data centre facilities
  7. Security audits and assessments

NITA-U has realized success in the provision of advisory services particularly project management of the few examples in the table  below;

Table: Examples of previous projects



Current status

E-services portal (G2C)


  • To  enhance citizen interaction with Government as well as easing access and use of electronic services (e-services) offered by public sector
  • E-services web portal was launched(
  • A total of 71 service have been added and are currently available on the e-citizen portal.

E-visa (G2C)

  • Allows foreigners to apply for visa renewal and issuance
  • Allows Residence permits application/renewal and issuance.
  • With the ability to track progress of application for a service and report delays in delivery of service
  • E-visa launched with online payments (
  • A total of 79,620 Visa Applications, 11,678 Work Permits, 539 Certificate of Residence, 4,309 dependent passes, 3,896 Student Visas and 1,810 Special Pass.


On-line Declaration e-service (G2E)

  • Enables public servants to declare their assets through an electronic interface.

One Stop Centre Online Service


  • Allows Investors access to apply for the Investment license and related licenses to start doing business.
  • This will reduce the time it takes to start doing business form 6 months to 5 days

Launch Minimum viable product (MVP) . Online services currently available are:

  • Land ownership search
  • Business name search and reservation

Metro Wi-Fi for Kampala (G2C)

  • Service allows citizens to access e-Government Services with in specific areas of the Kampala and Entebbe Central Business Districts at no cost to them.
  • So far 12,933 users have registered on the portal (10,982 are male and 2,011 female). This portal serves as a channel for the public to access Wi-Fi from one hundred eighty six (186) sites across Kampala and parts of Entebbe.

e-Single Window (G2B)

Uganda electronic single Window (UESW) is a G2B online service for enabling Government to serve the following Business Users: Traders (Exporter and Importer Companies), Carriers (Companies Transporting goods), Shipping Agencies, and Diplomats. The system allows businesses and diplomats to apply for export certificates, submit customs documentation online and also track the progress of their applications and declarations

e-single window ( has the following functionality so far:

  • Online Application for Export Registration -
  • Online Application for Preferential Certificate of Origin by Exporters.
  • Online tracking of Customs Document status

Program Budget System (PBS) (G2G)

The PBS has improved the budgeting process in Government. It replaces the Output Budgeting Tool (OBT)

  • To date all the 140 central Gov’t votes were budgeted for online through PBS

Prosecution case management information system (PROCAMIS) (G2E)


This service is for Government employees in the Directorate of Public Prosecutions and has helped to enable easy management, co-ordination and facilitation of cases.

To date, approximately 40,000 cases have been processed through the PROCAMIS.

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) (G2B)

This service is used by the Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development (MOFPED) for financial management of all service providers in Government.

  • Financial management across Government