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The traditional reliance on passwords and passcodes is now braced with security challenges as well as end user fatigue given the increasing trend of digital services. As a result, user identities cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt. 

Whereas it is estimated that the introduction of online services by GoU has simplified access to services and saved over four million working hours, users still have to physically go to GoU offices to sign documents in order to complete some of the more complex transactions. This has proved to be a huddle to the rollout and adoption of e-services, that otherwise would be in high demand. 

There is a need to for a secure channel for identification of users as well as the use of advanced electronic signatures based on a chain of trust.

  • Qualified Certificate Authority

  • National e-Authentication Provider

  • Electronic Signature Provider

  • Digital Authentication
  • Electronic  Signature 
  • Signature Verification
  • Digitally Sign the Documents
  • Affixing e-Seal on Electronic Documents
  • Push Notification to UgPass Mobile Application 
  • Digital Certificate based Authentication 
  • OpenID Connect and OAuth  Protocols
  • Self Enrollment
  • Authentication Token
  • Manage the Digital Certificate Life Cycle
  • Enrollments for digital certificates 
  • Revocation/Renewals for Digital Certificate
  • Issuance of Digital Certificate
  • OCSP/CRL Services
  • Directory Service for Public Keys
  • Timestamping Service
  • Signature Portal Login Login with UgPass

    Login with UgPass

  • Upload Document for Signature

     Upload from Local Drive to Signature Portal

  • Prepare Document for Signature

    Assign who will sign the document and where to place visible signature and submit for Signature

  • Document Signing by UgPASS Signing Service

    Notification send to User’s Mobile to insert Signing PIN , Signing Service Generate the Hash, Sign and Timestamp and embed Electronic Signature in the Document

  • Download the Signed Document

    User Download the Digitally signed document

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