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NITA-U wins global award for best information access center

On 1st November, 2023 NITA- U participated in the 9th Global ICT Leadership Forum in Korea. Hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea (MSIT) and the National Information Society Agency (NIA). The primary objective of the forum is to facilitate discussions on strategies for establishing an open and inclusive digital ecosystem where economic and societal value is generated from digital data while ensuring accessibility and participation for all.
The forum brought together dignities from the World Bank Group, the Korean government, and the partner countries where Information Access Centers (IAC) are established, including Bangladesh, Bhutan, Colombia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Peru, Serbia, Tunisia, Uganda, and Vietnam. The event was organized under the theme “Global Cooperation for the Digital Co-prosperity Society.”

NITA-U on behalf of Uganda won the Global IAC Competition Award for her outstanding digital inclusion initiatives undertaken through the IAC Program. The forum discussed and shared country experiences on digital innovation ecosystems to collectively build a Digital Society of co-prosperity
Global ICT leaders discussed ways of advancing Information Access Centers in response to the development of new technologies like AI and Big Data tailored to the specific needs of partner countries
As new information and communication technologies (ICT) continue to advance rapidly, there is a grave concern that this uneven progress exacerbates digital inequality. Since the establishment of the Information Access Centre in 2015, the Centre has facilitated training for over 50,000 people and supported early child ICT skilling programs like the Codding Kids Program.
At the forum, Mr. Joshua Akandwanaho the BPO/ITES Supervisor called on Global ICT leaders to support strategies that enable the global community to implement new digital initiatives that promote digital inclusivity.

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